Ashwin Kumar, Director, Data Centre and Cloud Operations, Linode India

Ashwin Kumar, a veteran in the data centre and cloud domain, joined the industry when it was at a nascent stage. Today, Kumar feels that we are in a new world where access to cloud infrastructure is more important than ever. “For the first time in cloud’s history, customers have a choice. We are seeing a new alternative cloud provider category emerging in a small group that is playing a vital role. This is a trend that will continue to play out as cloud further commoditises,” he says. “We will also see a wave of managed services, such as Kubernetes and managed databases, which will open up new opportunities to help small and medium enterprises easily migrate their businesses to the cloud,” he adds.

Kumar joined Linode India in 2019 as director, data centre and cloud operations, and currently spearheads and manages the company’s data centre and cloud operation, hardware procurement, and partnerships with different companies. Over time, Linode has accelerated the company’s investments across its people, partners and technologies to deliver competitive price performance solutions and support in the market. “We have helped millions of developers navigate to the cloud over the past 17 years and have done it using infrastructure built to meet the demands of today’s modern cloud business,” he says.

Prior to Linode, Kumar was heading IT, data centre and cloud operations, at Model N. Kumar fondly remembers helping Model N achieve technological transformation by moving out of the traditional server-client model to a more robust and advanced virtualisation and storage model as his most memorable assignment. “I managed to convert operations from a huge capital expenditure-driven model to a simple operational expenditure-driven model, saving a lot on infrastructure and maintenance costs,” he recalls.

Kumar believes creativity, dedication and the ability to take new initiatives are his key strengths. His management style involves training employees with required skill sets and assigning them goals and targets. “I avoid micromanaging and let them work independently. It is all about creating an environment where your employee flourishes and delivers the best results.” he says.

He has a BE in electronics and communications, and various certifications like CCNA and ITIL. He is also a certified hacker. He is currently pursuing a business management programme.

Kumar is an outdoors person and enjoys travelling, trekking and adventure sports during his free time. His wife is an engineer and they have two children, who also love travel and adventure. “If I am not travelling, I am either reading books or baking cakes for my kids,” he says.