Aprecomm has partnered with Singapore-based Technology Distribution Specialists (TDS) for the distribution of its network intelligence technology. As a part of the deal, TDS will be empanelled as one of Aprecomm’s official distributor partners. TDS will now be authorised to circulate Aprecomm network intelligence solutions for the communication industry across the Asia Pacific region.

With this engagement, Aprecomm will be tapping the user base across South-East Asia (SEA) and Australia-New Zealand (ANZ) regions. Aprecomm artificial intelligence (AI)-enabled products will be revolutionising network delivery by network service providers including fibre networks, home WiFi and enterprise WiFi networks.

Commenting on the partnership, Pramod Babu, CEO, Aprecomm, said, “Looking to rapidly increase our global presence and assist service providers in providing quality internet services to end customers.  We are thrilled to partner with TDS to aggressively expand in SEA and ANZ regions.”

Meanwhile, Sergio Ferreira, director, Technology Distribution Specialists (TDS), said, “We are happy to onboard Aprecomm into the TDS product portfolio. Aprecomm network intelligence services will offer our customers a useful solution in the WiFi, internet service provider (ISP), and telecom service provider (TSP) spaces. Aprecomm fully embodies the TDS philosophy of producing and supporting high-tech products that meet the unique needs of our customers in SEA and APAC.”

With this agreement, Aprecomm will be achieving wider penetration across APAC. TDS will be distributing Aprecomm Virtual Wireless Expert, a quality of experience software among its network of ISPs and channel partners, enabling users from various geographies across the APAC region to enjoy enhanced internet experience.

Further, Guharajan Sivakumar, CTO, Aprecomm, said, “We are excited to see the reception that our AI-based solutions are receiving across geographies and looking to provide enhanced internet experience to global customers with TDS as our distribution partner .”