Aprecomm has partnered with Beetel Teletech Limited for the distribution of network intelligence. The deal authorises Beetel to manage the circulation of Aprecomm’s network intelligence solutions for the communication industry. This partnership will aim to address growing challenges in managing seamless connectivity in enterprise, small and medium business (SMB), retail, and internet service provider (ISP) domains.

With this engagement, Aprecomm’s sophisticated artificial intelligence (AI)-enabled products will be easily accessible to a wide range of network service providers across the country including fibre networks, public WiFi services and enterprise networks.

Commenting on the partnership, Pramod Babu, CEO, Aprecomm, said, “We are excited to partner with Beetel as our distributor in India. With Beetel’s strong domain expertise, we are confident that this partnership will benefit the users from different segments including enterprise, SMB, retail, and ISP domains. Our market penetration is expected to get deeper with this partnership. We are sure that Beetel will become our valued partner for the long run in India.”

Meanwhile, Sanjeev Patil, business unit head, networks, Beetel said, “We are enthusiastic about this partnership with Aprecomm and are very well equipped to take their wide range of AI-enabled network intelligence solutions to our customers. Their high-performance solutions remotely monitor and manage the WiFi connections’ quality of experience and provide a simplified deployment process. This partnership will help both organisations address and identify the growing demands of improving the real-time end-to-end visibility for networks across the country. We believe this relationship is an important step as we leap forward for our business growth.”

Also, Guharajan Sivakumar, chief technology officer, Aprecomm, said, “A major chunk of internet users from across different networks and segments will be able to enjoy enhanced internet experience. We are looking forward to reach almost every corner of the country soon through this engagement”

Aprecomm will be achieving wider penetration across India. Beetel will be distributing Aprecomm’s Virtual Wireless Expert, a quality of experience (QoE) software among its network of ISPs and distributors enabling users from across the country to enjoy enhanced internet experience.