The Anritsu Corporation has introdcued a new log import option to strengthen the IMS evaluation functions of the company’s base station simulator MD8475B. Using this solution, live-network Wireshark logs are automatically converted into IMS scripts for easy configuration of an automated test environment to replay VoLTE/IMS faults when used together with the IMS basic script option.

Mobile terminal vendors and carriers are experiencing increased workloads for evaluating IMS functions to ensure stable mobile network services. The number of IMS function evaluations is increasing as mobile networks become more advanced and call destinations expand, while future 5G deployments will make the evaluation of terminal IMS functions even more complex. The new option helps in the efficient development of terminals and network services by supporting low-cost configuration and an environment for testing and evaluating IMS functions.

The software option runs in the script mode of the SmartStudio, which is a graphical user interface for controlling the base station simulator MD8475B. Script mode enables users to create ladder sequence test cases, and execute tests with flexibility, and scale. When used together with the IMS Log ImportOption, live-network Wireshark logs are converted automatically to IMS scripts for running test procedures. Control of the SmartStudio side is also automated during the log conversion process and the generated script can be edited at the message level in the add-in server window, enabling the efficient testing of each user’s unique issues and protocol checking for any message.