Anritsu Corporation has released a 100G multirate module for its Network Master Pro MT1000A all-in-one tester, which supports interface rates ranging from 10 Mbps to 100 Gbps, and technologies including Ethernet, optical transport networks (OTN), synchronous digital hierarchy or synchronous optical networking, fibre channel and common public radio interface. According to the company,  the module will provide field engineers and technicians with the industry’s first handheld solution covering all current testing needs for data centres, core, metro, access, mobile backhaul and mobile fronthaul networks.

Further, by installing the 100G Multirate Module, the Network Master Pro MT1000A will be able to support more interface standards than any other handheld transport testers in the market. Not only does the 100G Multirate Module support 25G Ethernet and 100G Ethernet, it also provides the largest depth of OTN mappings to client signals, including three levels of outdoor unit multistage mappings. This comprehensive test capability allows engineers and technicians to keep pace with the emerging networking requirements.

Anritsu has also introduced other enhancements to the Net­work Master Pro MT1000A module. These include the G0382A autofocus video inspection probe, which automates optical connector inspection with one-button image focusing, capture, analysis and report generation.  Other additions include support for Cat 6/6a cable tests, fibre channel buffer credit analysis, and in-band network discovery to identify other Anritsu Network Master products on the network and automate testing between them.