Anritsu Corporation has announced that its MT8820C Radio Communication Analyzer now integrates with both DASY6 and cSAR3D from Schmid & Partner Engineering AG. This will enable seamless specific absorption rate (SAR) compliance ­testing, significantly reduce assessment costs and maximise flexibility.

The MT8820C One-Box Tester is a multi-format 2G, 3G, and LTE tester, which enables UE calibration, RF parametric testing, and functional testing, including call processing and no-call-based testing. The formats supported by the tester include LTE-A, LTE, W-CDMA/HSPA CDMA2K up to 1xEV-DO Rev. A, TD-SCDMA/HSPA, and GSM/GPRS/EGPRS. In addition, MT8820C provides the most stable implementation of cellular standards for base station emulation and RF TRX testing.

DASY6 is the newest generation of the dosimetric and ­near field evaluation system. It is fully compliant with all the international standards and national regulations for SAR measurement. As compared to DASY52, DASY6 includes powerful new ­features resulting in significant time savings for routine SAR compliance testing, without forgoing accuracy. This is achieved by combining robot-optimised movements, intelligent scanning and smart utilisation of standardised test reduction techniques.

cSAR3D is the most advanced vector array system for conducting fast and accurate SAR measurements of wireless devices. To improve the measurement speed, cSAR3D uses fast data acquisition techniques and advanced 3D field reconstruction algorithms, and ensures tight integration of the Anritsu MT8820C Radio Communication Analyzer. cSAR3D is designed for testing compliance with national and international exposure guidelines. It complies with the latest draft of IEC 62209-3 and uses fast SAR protocols defined in IEC 62209-2 and IEEE 1528. cSAR3D integrates with DASY6 to achieve the optimum combination of speed, versatility and regulatory acceptance.