Anritsu Corporation has introduced the BERTWave MP2110A series of instruments for conducting efficient evaluations of 100 Gbps multichannel optical modules. The BERTWave MP2110A is an all-in-one instrument that enables the user to conduct simultaneous bit error rate (BER) measurements and the eye pattern analysis required for the evaluation of optical modules and devices used by communication systems. Unlike previous measurement environments that required two separate instruments for measuring the BER and analysing eye patterns, only one MP2110A is required for making these evaluations. Therefore, the new device not only cuts instrument capital costs, but also shortens the measurement time due to highspeed sampling and saves equipment installation space. Further, the high-sensitivity error detector performance of the device improves yields by reducing the production cost of optical modules and optical devices.

According to Anritsu, data traffic volumes are increasing in the industry as actively growing providers are bringing new unique services online. With the improvement in the processing power of data centre systems, another key issue is managing the growing costs. To this end, Anritsu’s BERTWave MP2110A has a built-in bit error rate tester (BERT) for up to 4ch and a sampling oscilloscope of up to 2ch for efficient evaluations of the multi-channel optical modules used by 100 GbE standards such as QSFP28, and other standards such as InfiniBand EDR and 32G fibre channel. In addition, the MP2110A has a maximum sampling speed of 250k samples per second, which reduces the eye pattern analysis time for eye mask tests by 75 per cent as compared to the instruments used earlier. Moreover, with a minimum sensitivity of –15dBm, the sampling oscilloscope optical interface supports accurate eye pattern analysis of signals that have been attenuated by switches, etc.

The key features of the BERTWave MP2110A are:

  • It enables all-in-one simultaneous TRx tests of optical modules and optical devices.
  • It has a sampling oscilloscope with a high-sensitivity optical interface, which enables highspeed sampling.
  • It has a built-in low-jitter, high-sensitivity BERT supporting up to 4ch.
  • It has a built-in PC for stable operations.