All India Fixed Internet Service Providers Association (AIFISPA) would like to thank the Hon’ble Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu and Department of IT BT for enabling reforms of the Tamil Nadu Telecom Infrastructure Policy, 2022 to establish a robust infrastructure and leveraging telecommunication network in delivering smart governance to its citizens. The reforms announced by the government in information technology along with Tamil Nadu telecom infrastructure are pivotal in transforming the nation into a digital economy.

This policy will be called the Tamil Nadu Telecom Infrastructure Policy 2022 and will be extended to the whole of Tamil Nadu. The administration of this policy will be governed by the Information Technology Department and the government of Tamil Nadu. The objective of the policy is to develop a robust and secure state-of-the-art telecommunication network to provide seamless coverage to rural and remote areas. AIFISPA appreciates the amends of reducing the right-of-way (RoW) permission to establish and operate overground and underground telecommunication networks.  This positive reinforcement of the policy is a step towards digital equity and growth of the state.

While commenting on the reforms, Sunil Yajaman, president, AIFISPA, said, “We thank the government of Tamil Nadu for the adaptation of RoW reforms that will assist in having a hassle-free RoW processes and encourage green and citizen-friendly telecom sites. This will also facilitate reliable and high-quality telecommunication and internet services to the citizens. We look forward to supporting the initiatives taken by the government and its efforts towards creating Tamil Nadu an economic powerhouse by riding on next-generation technologies.

The importance of telecom services has grown manifold as several organisations have adopted e-learning, e-services e-commerce, e-governance, etc. which has led to a tremendous upsurge in broadband traffic. To cope with the increased traffic, and in consonance with the Indian Telegraph Right of Way Rules 2016, Tamil Nadu Telecom Infrastructure Policy, 2022 has been reformulated to improve the socio-economic scenario of the country through laying emphasis on affordable and quality telecommunication service in rural and remote areas. The main agenda of the policy is to ensure that good network and connectivity lead to sustained growth and adoption of emerging technologies. Further, this policy will ease the process of application, approval, and installation of telecom infrastructure by providing a single-window clearance.