The agriculture ministry has partnered with Cisco and Jio Platforms Limited, along with three other companies to conduct pilot tests and modernise the agriculture sector by promoting the use of digital technologies.

These pilot projects will allow farmers to make informed decisions about what crops to grow, what types of seeds to use, and what best practices to adopt to maximise yield.

At present, Jio, along with its affiliates, controls the JioKrishi platform, which provides services such as creating a data-driven farmers’ ecosystem, analysing soil conditions, analysing irrigation needs, and connecting farmers with experts.

The platform features are divided into basic and advanced categories. Advanced features use data from different sources, using AI/ML algorithms to create personalised advice. Basic features, on the other hand, use stand-alone data on apps to provide advice.

Meanwhile, Cisco and its industry partner Quantela have developed an agricultural digital infrastructure (ADI) solution, which includes hardware and software components for farming and information sharing.