According to Broadband India Forum (BIF), the adjusted gross revenue (AGR) verdict will allow companies to move ahead with certainty on business plans.

Further, BIF added that the Department of Telecommunications (DoT) should now focus on steps to make the sector profitable and attractive to investors with immediate focus on ease of business measures and reduction of onerous duties and levies.

In addition, BIF has also urged the DoT to take quick decisions on recommendations which have already been forwarded by the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) and that provisions of National Digital Communications Policy (NDCP) must be operationalised and implemented, at the earliest. To this end, BIF said TRAI recommendations that could be very useful once implemented, include reduction in licence fee, universal service obligation (USO)levy and spectrum usage charges, proliferation of broadband through public Wi-Fi networks; enhancement of scope of infrastructure providers category-I (IP-I) registration.

Besides, recommendations on captive very small aperture terminal – closed users group (VSAT CUG) policy issues, suggestions on ease of doing telecom business; spectrum usage charges(SUC) and presumptive-AGR for internet providers and commercial VSAT service providers, would also be helpful.