According to K Rajaraman, secretary, Department of Telecommunications (DoT), 6G would enable the convergence of satellite communications (satcom) and terrestrial networks. According to the secretary, this would change the way machines and people interact in the future.

The convergence of satcom and terrestrial networks will play a vital role in shifting the paradigm in machine-human interactions. It would propel and enable nationwide mobile and broadband connectivity.

The combined power of space and terrestrial technologies would propel countrywide mobile and broadband connectivity, which in turn, would enable the gamut of digital services to reach across the country’s remote locations.

Amid new stirrings in the emerging broadband from-space segment, the telecom secretary reiterated that a DoT taskforce is exploring ways to ring in ease of doing business in the satcom space by clearing space tech investment proposals expeditiously.

Meanwhile, DoT would soon examine the recommendations of an internal task force constituted to formulate a roadmap for creating a superior satellite communications ecosystem in India.