Rituparna Mandal, General Manager, MediaTek Bangalore

India’s devices and electronics ecosystem is witnessing massive upgradation to prepare for the 5G era. MediaTek is a company that has been consistently working to facilitate the upgradation of smartphones to support 5G networks, alongside catering to the evolving smart device ecosystem. In an interview with tele.net, Rituparna Mandal, general manager, MediaTek Bangalore, talks about the company’s initiatives and upcoming trends…

What are the key trends dominating the smartphone space in India? What has been MediaTek’s contribution in this domain?

The biggest trend currently do­minating the smartphone space in India is the deployment of 5G. In this scenario, MediaTek has al­ready launched an array of 5G chips und­er our MediaTek Dimensity family, aimed at enabling disruptive 5G connectivity for users across the premium, flagship, mainstream and mass market categories. We are also working with major smartphone original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) to create tailored smartphones through the use of the MediaTek Dimensity Open Re­so­ur­ce Architecture, which offers OEMs closer-to-metal access on chips. Additiona­lly, we are witnessing trends such as a focus on adaptable screens, high performance ba­tteries, superlative imaging and incredible gaming. We are catering to these custo­mer requirements through our solutions su­ch as the MediaTek HyperEngine gaming technology, which enables whole smartphone enhancements that give gamers intelligent performance and power effici­en­cy boosts; MediaTek Imagiq, which allo­ws users to stream themselves on up to three cameras at once and capture impressive low-light pho­tos in an instant; and Media­Tek Mira­Vision, an exclusive suite of technologies that intelligently adjust a wide ran­ge of display and video stream factors.

What are the key technology trends you foresee with the arrival of 5G in India?

With the arrival of 5G in India, we expect that consumers will be able to enjoy seamless coverage, an exceptionally high data rate, low latency compared to 4G and a superlatively reliable communications system. In the smartphone segment, everything from gaming to vi­su­alisation and imaging will undergo transformation, th­anks to 5G. 5G will also help India bridge the divide bet­ween its ur­ban and rural landscapes, making connectivity a rea­lity across the country. We are also looking forward to ongoing technology trends such as artificial intelligence (AI), machine lear­ning, augme­n­ted reality and virtual reality, internet of things (IoT) and smart cities receiving a sustainable boost throu­gh the high data speed and low latency unlocked by 5G.

How does MediaTek plan to address the evolving smart device ecosystem?

As a brand that focuses on creating incredible experiences for consumers, MediaTek is taking robust steps to cater to the evolving smart device ecosystem in India. At present, we are powering nearly 2 billion de­vices every year, on a global scale, and our chips are an integral component of one in five smart devices being used today. In 2023, our focus will be on in­creasing our sha­re in the premium and flagship seg­me­n­ts, while maintaining our stronghold in the other categories. Accor­dingly, we have re­­cently launched a bevy of chips, in­clu­ding the MediaTek Dimen­sity 8200, the Me­dia­Tek T700 5G modem, Flagship Di­mensity 9200, Kompanio 520 and Ko­m­­panio 528, and the MediaTek Pentonic 1000, catering to various smart device ca­te­gories such as sm­artphones, Chrome­books, smart TVs and connectivity solutions.

What are the key strategies adopted by Me­dia­Tek to boost its customer outreach and es­tablish a base for cutting-edge R&D in India?

As a business-to-business brand, MediaTek is now focused on boosting customer outreach and taking our solutions to our customers. To this end, we are collaborating with all the major smartphone and smart device OEMs in the country, and also associating with leaders such as Jio for eSports championships. Our media and customer outreach initiative, the MediaTek Tech Di­a­ries, is another innovative platform which we leverage regularly to stay in touch with our consumers and understand their pain points while also educating them on the ar­ray of solutions we offer. We are also working with e-commerce platforms such as Am­a­zon and Flipkart to boost awareness about our innovations.

In terms of establishing a base for cutting-edge R&D in India, we are strongly focused on enhancing our Bengaluru facility, which has already contributed to several major global breakthroughs, including Chromebook system-on-chips, software development for 2G to 4G and co-work for 5G and millimetre wave technologies in IoT, edge and AI. We expect the Ben­galuru R&D centre to emerge as the hub of chip innovation in India, in the near future. On a global scale, MediaTek invested over $3 billion in R&D in 2021, and we foresee this figure rising in the years ahead.