As per industry sources, the 5G spectrum auction is expected to be held in May 2022 subject to the submission of recommendations by Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) by March on the rules regarding the sale process.

Earlier, the government had said that TRAI is expected to submit its recommendations for the 5G auction by March and the Department of Telecommunications (DoT) is simultaneously working on other processes to hold the 5G auction.

This probability is based on the announcement by the telecom secretary that the DoT will take two months to start the auction from the day it gets recommendations from TRAI.

As per rules, DoT seeks reference from TRAI on spectrum price, method for allocating it, block size of spectrum, payments terms and conditions, among others. Thereafter, TRAI holds consultation with the industry and other stakeholders and then submits recommendations to the DoT.

Meanwhile, the telecom operators have demanded up to 95 per cent cut in the spectrum frequency band price. Both telecom and satellite players are at loggerheads with each other on rules for the 5G spectrum auction.