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Promoting Telecom Access: Are universal ...
Universal service or access funds are a mechanism by which a national regulatory authority mandates, oversees and/or coordinates a set of subsidies and fees designed to promote telecom access in a country.
Building Bridges: Steps to close the rur...
The country has witnessed an exponential growth in the uptake of mobile services during the past few years. However, the growth has been confined to metro cities and large urban conglomerates, thus deepening the digital divide between urban and rural…
Digital Makeover: ICT applications in ru...
Information and communications technology (ICT) has the potential to improve the quality of life in remote and rural areas through improved access to health, education and other facilities, which will facilitate economic development, job creation and poverty alleviation.
Powering Rural Sites: Energy management ...
The telecom industry’s energy needs have changed significantly in recent years owing to the increased usage of mobile services and expansion of telecom towers.
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