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Some Respite: NDCP, 2018 brings hope for...

The year 2018 proved to be a challenging one for the telecom sector. While intense competition and pricing pressures continued to erode the sector’s profitability, the launch of the National Digital Communications Policy (NDCP), 2018, gave renewed confidence to the industry.

Looking into the Future: Analysts predic...

The year 2018 saw the long-drawn consolidation in the telecom industry settling down. Data continued to be the biggest growth driver and there was a massive increase in video consumption. The announcement of the National Digital Communications Policy (NDCP), 2018 provided the roadmap for the country’s digital future.

Busy Times Ahead: Equipment vendors set ...

The past one year was a promising one for telecom network equipment vendors in India. Growing data demand compelled telcos to undertake massive 4G/VoLTE roll-outs and modernise their networks, which presented a significant opportunity for vendor engagement.

Rise of Fibre: Manufacturers look at a b...

The exponential growth in data consumption and the ever-increasing demand for video content has provided a fresh impetus to optic fibre cable (OFC) deployments in India. The year 2018 saw significant fibre installations, both in the backhaul and the last mile, by telcos.

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