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Massive MIMO: Paving the way for 5G
Given massive multiple input multiple output’s (MIMO) ability to serve multiple users and devices while maintaining fast data rates and a consistent performance, it has emerged as a key enabler of 5G globally.
Driving into the Future: Connected cars ...
The concept of connected cars is revolutionising the automobile industry worldwide. Connected cars use mobile internet technology to control key functions remotely via a smartphone, smart watch, tablet device or a computer system.
Indoor Coverage:Deploying IBS to enhance...
The data surge in India can be largely attributed to indoor consumption. According to the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI), an estimated 80 per cent of mobile traffic either originates or terminates inside a building. 
Looking Local: Phased move from handset ...
The past year has been very exciting for the handset space in India. The country overtook the US to become the second largest smartphone market in the world, next only to China.
Responsible Disposal: E-waste management...
The government has reduced the targets for electronics makers to collect e-waste. This may seem like another sop for the private sector, but given the amount of e-waste generated and its adverse impact on the environment, this is an important…
NDCP 2018: Policy pointers for ushering ...
India’s digital profile and footprint are fast changing with growing digitisation and digitalisation of services. The country has over 1 billion mobile phone users and digital identities, and half a billion internet users.
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