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India’s global ranking in mobile speeds deteriorates from 112 to 121 in one year, says Ookla

May 27, 2019
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According to a report by Ookla, India’s global ranking in mobile speeds has deteriorated from 112 in May 2018 to 121 as of 2019. On the contrary, other countries have surpassed India even though India’s average mobile download speeds increased from 8.75 Mbps to 10.71 Mbps during the period under consideration.

As far as India’s ranking in the fixed broadband space is concerned, it slipped from 62 to 68 during the same period. This is despite an increase in its average download speeds from 22.8 mbps in May 2018 to 29.25 mbps in 2019.

The report further highlighted that the average 4G LTE download speed in India across all mobile carriers increased from 9.84 mbps during January-March 2018 to 10.58 mbps during January-March 2019. Moreover, 4G coverage was present across 89.8 per cent of India during January-March 2019.


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