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TRAI consults global experts to determine the price for 5G airwaves

July 12, 2018

The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) has consulted global experts in order to determine the base price for 5G airwaves which will likely be put on sale for the first time in India by 2020.

The government plans to hold a mega spectrum auction that will include bands earmarked for 5G services. India plans to roll out 5G-based services in 2020, although telcos don’t want the airwaves to be auctioned before late 2019, until the associated ecosystem develops and the financial condition of the operators improves.

Experts said higher frequency bands may not be appropriate for India even though they may work in other countries. Further, according to Fitch Ratings, there is good case for Indian telcos to launch 5G technologies on lower band of 700 MHz, given India’s large demography.

Also, high frequency means the propagation of signals is poor and would need a dense network to cover the same area. If auctioned, higher frequencies should be priced less than lower frequencies. Bands that are being considered include 700 MHz.


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