Free public Wi-Fi can offer $3 billion revenue opportunity by 2019, says Analysys Mason

Viewpoint , July 09, 2018

According to a report by Analysys Mason, proliferation of public Wi-Fi can potentially provide $3 billion revenue opportunity for Indian telecom operators between 2017-2019. This will help in adding new customers and increasing data consumption by existing users.

As per the report, there are a significant number of users who say that they would be interested in purchasing a new mobile broadband SIM card to continue accessing high speed Internet, after having experienced high speed Internet through high-speed Wi-Fi services from Google-Railtel.

Respondents, who expressed interest in purchasing a new mobile broadband SIM, said they were willing to spend an average of about $2.2 additionally on data services. Similarly, respondents who were interested in upgrading their current data plan said they were willing to spend an additional $2.3 average for usage upgrade.

The report said a successful public Wi-Fi market in India could see over 600 million people using public Wi-Fi service by 2019. In order for this to happen, over three million access points must be rolled out throughout the country, including in tier III cities and villages.

The report also suggested that mobile operators should use Wi-Fi to offload excess data traffic from cellular networks, with some of the cost saving potentially reinvested in more public Wi-Fi coverage.


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