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Dell Technologies and Microsoft partner to deliver IoT solutions

June 07, 2018

Dell Technologies and Microsoft have partnered to deliver a joint internet of things (IoT) solution designed to help vertical customers simplify deploying their end-to-end IoT solutions, from the edge to the cloud.

The combination of Microsoft Azure IoT applications and services, VMware Pulse IoT Center and Dell Edge Gateways will offer customers streamlined management, centralised monitoring and security from devices to the cloud.

The solution offers an underlying IoT infrastructure, management capabilities and security for customers looking to deploy IoT for scenarios like predictive maintenance, supply chain visibility and other use cases. The solution will deliver intelligence at the edge with Microsoft Azure IoT Edg, management and monitoring of edge devices with VMware Pulse IoT Centre and high-performance with rugged Dell Edge Gateways.

VMware Pulse IoT Center will act as the management glue between the hardware, connected sensors and devices and the Microsoft Azure IoT Edge. Initially, Pulse will help to deploy the Microsoft Azure IoT Edge to the requisite edge systems so that it can start collecting, analysing and acting on data in real-time. While this joint solution is optimised for Dell Edge Gateways it can continuously manage, monitor and better secure certified combination of gateways/edge systems with the latest patches and updates on an ongoing basis as well as monitor the health of these connected devices.


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