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Government to lay OFC along Indo-China border to improve connectivity

May 30, 2018

The government is planning to lay optical fibre cable (OFC) in border areas to mitigate connectivity problems being faced by both defence personnel and civilian population.

According to Nirmala Sitharaman, Union Defence Minister, the government will soon start work on extension of OFC network to the border areas. Recently, the union cabinet discussed the issue and sanctioned the additional fund.

Soon all the border areas along the Indo-China border will be connected with OFC. This will improve mobile and telephone connectivity besides improvement in radio frequency in these areas.

In a recent visit to Kibithoo, the last border village in Anjaw district of Arunachal Pradesh, the minister learnt that people of the area had poor mobile network and could not access All India Radio due to poor frequency but were able to access Chinese radio frequency.


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