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India ranks third amongst top phishing target and host countries, says report

May 25, 2018

As per the RSA quarterly fraud report for January-March, 2018, India is amongst the top three countries that are most susceptible to internet scams as well as act host to internet service providers’ (ISP) related to phishing attack.

Phishing accounted for 48 per cent of all cyber attacks observed in the first quarter of 2018 along with financial Trojan horse malware accounting for one out of every four fraud attacks observed. Many countries have featured in both target and host countries list. For instance, USA ranked second in target and top most in the host countries list.

The report noted that mobile browsers and applications accounted for 55 per cent of legitimate transactions and 65 per cent of overall fraud transactions. The highest volume of fraud in online payment, originates from a trusted account and device, suggesting a greater probability of these devices being infected with financial malware capable of performing man-in-the-middle account takeover attacks.

82 per cent of fraud among e-commerce transactions originated from a new device. In the case of trusted accounts, 62 per cent of fraud transaction value was from a new device, which is indicative of account takeover.

The report provides an overview of the growing cyber fraud environment and tries to draw the attention of the concerned authorities as well as consumers towards this growing problem.


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