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Inter-regional 4G LTE roaming traffic from India grows by 3,300 per cent, says Syniverse report

May 17, 2018

According to a report by Syniverse, inter-regional 4G long term evolution (LTE) roaming traffic from India has grown by 3300 per cent year-over-year. The growth in inter-regional roaming traffic was measured by analysing global roaming traffic traversing the Syniverse platform.

As per the report, more than 70 per cent of the country’s outbound roaming traffic is still traversing legacy network technologies like 2G/3G, outlining that more work needs to be done.

This growth in outbound 4G roaming, demonstrates significant progress toward achieving technological advancement goals in the region while delivering the customer experiences that India’s mobile users demand.

According to Syniverse, many of these services will need the security, interconnection, roaming, and interoperability that only an internetwork packet exchange (IPX) network provides as people and things move around India and the rest of the world.



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