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Wipro Lighting launches internet of lighting solutions for smart and connected lighting

April 12, 2018

Wipro Lighting unveiled its internet of lighting (IoL) solutions for smart and connected indoor and outdoor lighting. According to Wipro, the IoL solution will usher in a new revolution in office, institutions and outdoor lighting space. Emergence of internet of things (IoT) and big data have made smart and connected digital lighting solutions a reality. These solutions bring in both intelligence and functionality into lighting systems.

Wipro Lighting has collaborated with companies like Cisco and pureLi-Fi, Scotland. It has collaborated with Cisco for power over ethernet (PoE) based lighting solutions and is also offering human centric lighting solutions for new age workspaces. These collaborations enhance user experience and deliver desired outcome for customers, be it energy saving or improving workspace productivity and enhanced employee well-being. It has tied up with pureLi-Fi, Scotland to deliver high speed and secure data transmission through LED luminaires.

Armed with smart and connected outdoor lighting solutions, Wipro Lighting is ready to provide complete lighting infrastructure for smart cities. Wipro’s connected and intelligent outdoor lighting has demonstrated its capabilities of improved public safety, efficiency and comfort.

Commenting on the kaunch, Anuj Dhir, vice-president and business head, Wipro Lighting said, “In its 25 year journey, Wipro Lighting has constantly focused on design and innovation to provide customers with best lighting solutions. IoL is a significant and big step in offering our customers best of breed solutions”.



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