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IBM announces AI powered assistant to help enterprises improve customer experience

March 21, 2018

IBM has announced the launch of its Watson Assistant, a smart enterprise assistant powered with artificial intelligence (AI), cloud and the internet of things (IoT). Watson can be accessed via voice or text interaction.

The Watson assistant is aimed at helping businesses enhance their brand loyalty and transform customer experiences even while keeping the data private and secure.

According to IBM, Watson has started a very big integrated system. It is pre-trained for hospitality, for automotive; can be embedded customer care, banking and insurance and so on.

The assistant is not just designed for a single location or it doesn't just respond to a person's commands. The enterprise AI assistant helps businesses enhance brand loyalty and improve customer experiences by the delivery of proactive and personalised services while ensuring data privacy.

Watson Assistant is already in use at the Munich Airport at Terminal 2, acting as an ambassador to interact with and assist passengers as they make their way through the terminal.




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