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Cisco and Teradata join hands to make cities smarter and more connected

March 06, 2018

Big Data firm Teradata has partnered with Cisco to help make cities smarter and more connected by providing a digital transformation solution for integrated data exchange.

Under the partnership, the two companies will provide tools needed by cities to improve efficiency, enhance public safety, deliver better services and create new revenue streams by combining Cisco's internet of things (IoT) platform, Cisco Kinetic for Cities with Teradata’s analytics platform.

Combining this real-time sensor data with other city information, Teradata will be able to deliver prescriptive and predictive analytics, as well as easy-to-comprehend visualisations.

According to Teradata, insights by analytics from data come with minimal human intervention and can be used to deliver improved quality services.

As per Cisco, under the partnership, the companies aim to help cities think holistically about city infrastructure investments and the value of the data captured by their connected assets. With Teradata’s analytics, customers can leverage the information to plan, monetise and broaden economic development efforts to keep cities sustainable and resilient.


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