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Parallel Wireless re-imagines big data analytics and NFV orchestration

March 06, 2018

Parallel Wireless, the leader in end-to-end 2G, 3G, and 4G Open RAN solutions has collaborated on big data virtualised Analytics (vAnalytics) with Robin Systems, the leading container-based application-defined infrastructure (ADI) software provider, and Incorta, the intelligent analytics platform that bypasses data modeling to deliver real-time insights straight from operational data. As a result of this collaboration, global communication service providers (CSPs) will be able to manage their big data analytics under the same network function virtualisation (NFV) orchestration umbrella and bring real-time visibility into their networks to improve operational efficiency and reduce cost while improving end user experience.

With 5G on the horizon, cellular network load will consist of people and IoT traffic generating massive volumes of data and requiring real-time network orchestration.

The world’s first real-time, vAnalytics for 2G, 3G, 4G, and 5G, NFV-based platform will utilise these industry innovations:

• Parallel Wireless HetNet Gateway (HNG) that incorporates numerous VNFs such as SON, Security Gateway (SeGW), ePDG and operates on numerous virtualisation platforms. SON VNF provides network data and makes necessary real-time network adjustments for end users, things, and processes running over cellular networks, especially at the edge. Being one of the functionalities on fully virtualized HNG, SON will enable self-optimisation and seamless mobility across any G, any haul, any slice, any service. By incorporating Robin Systems container orchestration and Incorta’s Analytics-as-a-Service (AaaS) with Parallel Wireless HNG, CSPs will have the ability to containerize big data pools as virtualised microservices.

• Robin Systems Cloud Platform to deliver a highly scalable and flexible application-defined virtualised infrastructure powered by container technology to enable a simplified, agile & on-demand deployment and complete application lifecycle management of big data pools to dynamically orchestrate any type of data: network, end user, customer, etc. Containers are critical infrastructure for CSPs.  With containers being a simpler form of virtualization, this data-as-a micro service-driven approach allows the deployment of multiple micro services per machine without compromising performance and availability, and boosts performance through Robin’s Application-to-Spindle quality of service guarantee. Robin packs more data into a single set of physical storage resources taking a lot fewer system resources and delivering operational efficiency and savings with unprecedented level of intelligence to global mobile network operators (MNOs).

• Incorta’s Version 3.0 queries more than 500 per cent over previous versions, improving what was already the fastest data-to-analytics platform in the world. But performance is only a small part of Incorta’s value. Query performance aside, the Incorta platform deploys in days and consumes new data within in minutes allowing for almost instant access to information. These capabilities combined with ease of use make Incortathe leading next generation analytics platform. Powered by the industry’s first Direct Data mapping TM engine, MNO scan now go from transactional data directly to business analytics at speeds unheard of in the current analytics environment as it reduces query and reporting times to make more informed network decisions faster.

Speaking on the collaboration, Premal Buch, CEO, Robin Systems, said, “We are excited to bring Robin’s robust platform to containerise this break through vAnalytics solution.  With Robin’s highly scalable virtualized platform enabling Big Data lakes as micro-services, Incorta’s ability to process data in seconds, and HetNet Gateway’s intelligent SON VNF capabilities, MNOs now not only can get a real-time Analytics solution as a VNF for any type of traffic, including end user and IoT, but also automate any network decisions. This allows operators to unify their network infrastructure, reduce costs, and simplify deployments.”

Osama Elkady, CEO, Incorta, said, “The modern business demands answers to their most pressing data questions in seconds. This is not a desire, it is a need. Waiting days or weeks for information stifles innovation and growth. By bringing no data modeling and true self-service approach to cellular networks analytics, global SPs benefit from immediate analytics access to improve their network visibility and eliminate time-consuming and consultant-intensive Extract Transform Load (ETL). This results in OPEX savings, increased profitability, and improved customer experience.”

Commenting on the collaboration, Rajesh Mishra, Founder, CTO, President, Parallel Wireless, said, “Robin Systems and Incorta are well recognised for their innovation. Now, this collaboration will allow not only softwarisation of analytics as a VNF, resulting in network automation for the service providers, but will also brings implified BSS and OSS operations with overall TCO reduction while making today’s and future networks more intelligent and profitable.”


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