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VNL launches domestically manufactured 4G LTE telecom system

February 23, 2018

Vihaan Networks Limited (VNL) has launched a locally developed 4G/long term evolution (LTE) telecom system. The system has been designed and developed keeping in mind requirement for high speed connectivity, particularly in rural areas of the country.

According to VNL, the portfolio has best in class access and core network elements which are power efficient, optimized solutions keeping in mind need for sustainable mobile broadband services for remote and rural deployments. In addition, the offerings include portable solutions that can support a wide range of scenarios, giving them flexibility for quick and efficient radio installations. Further, the solutions can also operate solely on renewable energy.

The system can also be deployed for variety of applications including emergency communication, communication needs of off shore oil fields, mines and other institutional requirements. In the past, VNL has successfully executed several projects globally in countries like Peru, Mexico, Ghana, Nigeria, Indonesia, Myanmar and Bhutan.

Commenting on the launch, Rajiv Mehrotra, Chairman, VNL said, “The latest range of technologically robust 4G/LTE telecom products is the outcome of our strong in-house research and development capabilities. These systems offer compact and versatile radio applications and can operate flawlessly even in harsh environment.”


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