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India ranks lowest in terms of 4G speed, says OpenSignal report

February 21, 2018

According to a report by OpenSignal, India ranks among the top countries in terms of 4G availability with 86.26 per cent availability. However, in terms of 4G speed, India lies at the bottom among 88 countries with an average speed of 6.07 Mbps.

Earlier in OpenSignal’s previous report in November 2017, India stood at the bottom in terms of 4G speed among 77 countries with an average speed of 6.13 Mbps, which has now declined to 6.07 Mbps.

According to the report, no country has been consistently been able to provide long term evolution (LTE) connections greater than 50 Mbps although some have temporarily cracked this barrier. Singapore recorded the highest speed at 44.31 Mbps and Netherlands recorded an average LTE speed of 42.12 Mbps.

The global average 4G download speeds stood at 16.9 Mbps, up from 16.6 Mbps in November, 2017. The global average download speed of 2G stood at 0.1 Mbps. Meanwhile, for 3G it stood at 4.1 Mbps and for Wi-Fi networks it averaged a speed of 14 Mbps.


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