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Robust Network: Sify offers digital solutions to transform user experience

October 04, 2017
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Robust Network: Sify offers digital solu...

With the shift towards digitization becoming more pronounced, enterprises in the media and entertainment business are significantly stepping up their investments in information and communication technology (ICT). The need for better content delivery across multiple channels, live broadcasting and scaling up of distribution capabilities is driving the adoption of new ICT solutions in the vertical. As a result, media companies are scouting for partners which can manage their ICT needs and assist in bringing in the digital transformation.

Sify’s play: Data centre and Cloud services as key value propositions

Currently, the media and entertainment industry is witnessing several emerging ICT trends such as cloud-based video encoding, digital delivery network, content management system, virtual reality, real-time digital signage and Internet of Things (IoT). Data centre and Cloud services can help companies optimize their IT infrastructure, operations, storage, compute and management and achieve tremendous scale and a lower cost of ownership.

• The media industry is largely driven by mobility and online user experience. In such a scenario, an online digital cloud platform can prove to be extremely useful. Sify Cloud ecosystem DC hubs enable seamless access to multi-cloud platform as well as content service providers. Further, companies benefit from a fully managed, enterprise-grade, virtual infrastructure based on the pay-per-use model.

• Content, its availability and protection form the core of the media industry. Seamless integration between physical and digital media is important for a media company to be successful. Sify offers technology infrastructure management for content development, testing, editing and distribution.

• The media industry is witnessing emergence of new trends such as TV everywhere and video-on-demand. Companies today are looking for content archiving, automated metadata to unlock potential of content. Sify’s pay-as-you-go model helps companies in optimizing their costs and gaining competitive advantage.

Sify has a host of solutions that provide media companies with a content delivery network for better end-user experience, complete content management flow and storage-as-a-service for storing large volume of media files. Sify Cloud cover connects 48 data centres, six belonging to Sify and 42 to others, on a high speed network. The company has over 200,000 square feet of data centre space in six Tier 3 and 15 Tier 2 data centres. The company has access to 15 other data centres through their partners. All are strategically located in different seismic zones and feature state-of-the-art power and cooling systems.


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