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Rajesh Mishra, Co-Founder, President and CTO, Parallel Wireless

August 22, 2017
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As co-founder, president and chief technology officer (CTO), Rajesh Mishra is spearheading technological operations at Parallel Wireless, a company focused on the development of cellular network architecture. “I work with my team to identify new research areas and devise new solutions. We do not necessarily view a new technology as an add-on but believe in constantly learning from previous technological knowledge,” he says. Parallel Wireless has grown organically over the past four years in India. “This is an extremely crucial market for us and we are hiring aggressively at all levels. We are working with several players in various verticals, including the government, military and telecom. We will continue to make strategic investments in the Indian market,” he says.

During a career spanning more than two decades, Mishra has worked with several companies across the wireless, wireline and cable industries, including Tatara, Bell Labs/ Lucent, Cedarpoint, and Powerwave Cognition.

Commenting on the digital divide in the telecom sector, Mishra says, “While urban areas have a wireless teledensity of 167 per cent, rural India has a teledensity of only 57.1 per cent as of May 2017. We strongly support government initiatives such as Digital India to bridge this gap.”

Mishra fondly remembers his experience while working in a small village in the UK about three years back. “We were installing our converged wireless system base station in the village and I was talking to the community, mainly farmers, about their expectations. I had assumed that 3G would be enough to meet their connectivity needs. I was wrong. The rural community wanted us to deploy 4G so that they could experience high speed broadband. Their requirements were very similar to the typical broadband use cases in any city.”

Mishra considers his team as his biggest strength. “We have close to 300 people on our rolls and more than 90 per cent of them are through our referral programme. It is very unusual.” He believes in openness and inclusiveness, and tries to give transparent feedback to his team members. “Once we had ordered jackets for the US team and we got exactly the same delivered to our team in India. We try to treat all our team members, whether in the US or in India, in exactly the same way.”

Mishra has a bachelor’s degree in computer science from the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Roorkee. His wife is an engineer, who he met while studying at IIT.

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