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Shripal Gandhi, Founder and CEO, Swipe Technologies

March 08, 2017
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Shripal Gandhi’s move to establish Swipe Technologies was largely guided by his desire to see India become a world leader in touch technology. “There have been a number of inspirations but of all, it was a sense of passion to influence the digital revolution that drew me to entrepreneurship and made me move back to India from the US,” he says. During his stint with a US-based nanotechnology company, Unidym, Gandhi worked with industry leaders like Samsung (Korean division), Motorola and Apple, developing next-generation touch-screen technologies for handsets and, portable navigation devices and other consumer electronic products in the US, Korea and Japan. This helped him start his own venture and leverage the opportunities the Indian tech space had to offer.

Swipe is a mobile technology company that has introduced innovative Android-based tablets and Fablets in India. Over time, it has managed to reduce the design cycle of product development, resulting in a faster time to market. Its products are feature-rich, developed using global best practices and sold at affordable prices. “Swipe is attempting to bridge the gap between practicality and aspiration,” says Gandhi. “We also need to be ahead of the curve to ensure that we develop products that have a longer shelf-life and strong appeal for our target consumers.”

Swipe has provided its tablet technology to the education, entertainment and enterprise verticals. The enterprise vertical caters to small and medium enterprises in the banking, logistics, pharmaceuticals and retail sectors. The company has also created and developed its own mobile operating system based on an enhanced version of Android, which offers a personalised user experience. It has launc-hed partnerships with MTV, Flipkart and Uber for exclusive co-branding and distribution opportunities. Gandhi’s love for technology is evident in the education and career path he chose for himself. He graduated from the University Instit-ute of Chemical Technology, Mumbai and obtained an MS in chemical engineering from the University of California, Riverside. He has contributed several papers in various scientific journals and has 11 patents in nanotechnology to his name. He has also worked as a research scientist and a project leader at Nanomix in  USA. In his spare time, Gandhi enjoys conducting inspirational seminars on life, spirituality, and relationships. He is an avid reader and also loves trekking, globetrotting and exploring new places.

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