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AIRTEL ₹427.60 ▲7.40 (1.76%)
DHANUS ₹0.09 ▲0.01 (12.50%)
FINCABLES ₹483.10 ▼3.95 (-0.81%)
GTL ₹16.73 ▼0.16 (-0.95%)
GTLINFRA ₹6.38 ▲0.06 (0.95%)
HCLTECH ₹895.00 ▼8.05 (-0.89%)
HCL INFO ₹50.40 ▼0.75 (-1.47%)
HFCL ₹17.33 ▲0.44 (2.61%)
IDEA ₹97.80 ▲5.95 (6.48%)
ITI ₹103.50 ▲3.00 (2.99%)
KAVERITEL ₹11.22 ▲0.32 (2.94%)
MTNL ₹21.25 ▲0.40 (1.92%)
ONMOBILE ₹68.50 ▼1.15 (-1.65%)
RCOM ₹25.50 ▲0.70 (2.82%)
SHYAM TEL ₹16.20 ▼0.30 (-1.82%)
SPANCO ₹3.12 0.00 (0.00%)
SPICE MOBILE ₹26.15 ▼1.35 (-4.91%)
STERLITE TECH ₹215.90 ▼15.70 (-6.78%)
TANLA ₹36.30 ▼0.70 (-1.89%)
TATA COMM ₹671.50 ▲23.90 (3.69%)
TTML ₹7.50 ▲0.05 (0.67%)
TULIP ₹1.41 ▼0.12 (-7.84%)
VINDHYAT ₹1,061.30 ▲50.10 (4.95%)
XLTELENE ₹1.80 ▼0.01 (-0.55%)


Company ID [BOM:532975] Last trade:₹5.00 Trade time:3:30PM GMT+5:30 Value change:0.00 (0.00%)


Company ID [BOM:532454] Last trade:₹427.60 Trade time:3:49PM GMT+5:30 Value change:▲7.40 (1.76%)


Company ID [BOM:532903] Last trade:₹0.09 Trade time:3:29PM GMT+5:30 Value change:▲0.01 (12.50%)


Company ID [BOM:500144] Last trade:₹483.10 Trade time:3:30PM GMT+5:30 Value change:▼3.95 (-0.81%)


Company ID [BOM:500160] Last trade:₹16.73 Trade time:3:58PM GMT+5:30 Value change:▼0.16 (-0.95%)


Company ID [BOM:532775] Last trade:₹6.38 Trade time:3:40PM GMT+5:30 Value change:▲0.06 (0.95%)


Company ID [BOM:532281] Last trade:₹895.00 Trade time:3:30PM GMT+5:30 Value change:▼8.05 (-0.89%)


Company ID [BOM:500179] Last trade:₹50.40 Trade time:3:49PM GMT+5:30 Value change:▼0.75 (-1.47%)


Company ID [BOM:500183] Last trade:₹17.33 Trade time:3:46PM GMT+5:30 Value change:▲0.44 (2.61%)


Company ID [BOM:532822] Last trade:₹97.80 Trade time:3:48PM GMT+5:30 Value change:▲5.95 (6.48%)


Company ID [BOM:523610] Last trade:₹103.50 Trade time:3:58PM GMT+5:30 Value change:▲3.00 (2.99%)


Company ID [BOM:590041] Last trade:₹11.22 Trade time:3:30PM GMT+5:30 Value change:▲0.32 (2.94%)


Company ID [NSE:MTNL] Last trade:₹21.25 Trade time:3:30PM GMT+5:30 Value change:▲0.40 (1.92%)


Company ID [BOM:532944] Last trade:₹68.50 Trade time:3:46PM GMT+5:30 Value change:▼1.15 (-1.65%)


Company ID [BOM:532712] Last trade:₹25.50 Trade time:3:58PM GMT+5:30 Value change:▲0.70 (2.82%)


Company ID [BOM:517411] Last trade:₹16.20 Trade time:3:30PM GMT+5:30 Value change:▼0.30 (-1.82%)


Company ID [BOM:508976] Last trade:₹3.12 Trade time:2:28PM GMT+5:30 Value change:0.00 (0.00%)


Company ID [BOM:517214] Last trade:₹26.15 Trade time:3:53PM GMT+5:30 Value change:▼1.35 (-4.91%)


Company ID [BOM:532374] Last trade:₹215.90 Trade time:3:59PM GMT+5:30 Value change:▼15.70 (-6.78%)


Company ID [BOM:532790] Last trade:₹36.30 Trade time:3:51PM GMT+5:30 Value change:▼0.70 (-1.89%)


Company ID [BOM:500483] Last trade:₹671.50 Trade time:3:46PM GMT+5:30 Value change:▲23.90 (3.69%)


Company ID [BOM:532371] Last trade:₹7.50 Trade time:3:42PM GMT+5:30 Value change:▲0.05 (0.67%)


Company ID [BOM:532691] Last trade:₹1.41 Trade time:3:26PM GMT+5:30 Value change:▼0.12 (-7.84%)


Company ID [BOM:517015] Last trade:₹1,061.30 Trade time:3:47PM GMT+5:30 Value change:▲50.10 (4.95%)


Company ID [BOM:532788] Last trade:₹1.80 Trade time:3:30PM GMT+5:30 Value change:▼0.01 (-0.55%)
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1. Money on the Move: Mobile wallet services gain traction
Trends and Developments - October 30, 2015
Over the past five years, smartphone penetration in the country has gone up phenomenally. Coupled with the burgeoning data usage, this trend is transforming the way consumer businesses, financial service ...
2. Race to 4G: Operators step up the pace of service roll-out
Trends and Developments - October 30, 2015
In the past few months, significant enthusiasm and activity has been witnessed in the Indian 4G space. In the past few months, significant enthusiasm and activity has been witnessed in the Indian ...
3. Data Offloading: Emerging opportunities in the public Wi-Fi segment
Trends and Developments - October 29, 2015
The fast-paced growth of wireless data usage has made it essential for service providers to consider various avenues for delivering high quality data services. The fast-paced growth of wireless data ...
Industry experts discuss the trends, opportunities, challenges and future outlook for the telecom T&M industry… The telecom test and measurement (T&M) industry in India is witnessing a growth ...
5. Finding its Niche: T&M industry gains traction
Testing & Measurement - October 20, 2015
The Indian telecom industry has witnessed rapid development over the past decade. With the growing adoption of voice services, operators made huge investments in their TDM infrastructure, which resulted ...
Network functions virtualisation (NFV) is set to revolutionise the communications industry with its unique ability to shift the running of networks from traditional hardware to open-based computer servers ...
7. Custom Testing: Move towards pay-per-use cloud-based models
Testing & Measurement - October 20, 2015
Cloud-based software testing is an upcoming domain in the testing and measurement (T&M) industry. Cloud-based software testing is an upcoming domain in the testing and measurement (T&M) industry. ...
The National Telecom Policy, 2012 mandated the testing and certification of all telecom products for conformance, performance, interoperability, health, safety, security, etc. for the seamless functioning ...
With the internet becoming all-pervasive, a large amount of information, both personal and public, is generated on a day-to-day basis. More information is being created, stored, processed and communicated ...
10. Under Threat: 4G launch could make networks more vulnerable
Trends and Developments - October 16, 2015
The introduction of next-generation technologies has made handsets the primary platform to perform a host of functions. This has resulted in an enormous amount of data being generated and transmitted over ...
The retail sector also contributes significantly to the economy. In India, it accounts for more than 10 per cent of the country’s gross domestic product and for about 8 per cent of the total employment.  ...
The advent of the “digital customer” who has access to multiple sources of information and is always on the move is transforming the landscape of the retail industry. The advent of the “digital customer” ...
13. Spectrum Pooling: Cautious response from the industry
Discussion Board - October 13, 2015
Industry experts share their views on the spectrum sharing guidelines, their significance in the Indian market, their expected impact, and the technological and operational challenges associated with spectrum ...
14. Mapping Benefits: Spurt in location-based applications
Sales & Marketing - October 12, 2015
Location-based services (LBSs) are a part of the geospatial and geoinformational services that rely on mapping and positioning applications to provide a wide range of offerings including faster discovery ...
In an interview with, Syed Safawi, chief executive officer, Viom Networks, talks about the tower industry, the company’s business strategy and future plans. Given that the Indian telecom ...
Swapna Bapat, director, systems engineering, Brocade, has a track record in conceptualising, developing and deploying products and solutions in service provider and enterprise markets, having notched up ...
Ruchira Shukla has over 18 years of experience spanning operational roles, strategy consulting, investment banking and private equity in the US, Europe and Asia. Ruchira Shukla has over 18 years ...
Anil Pande has over 20 years of experience in the internet and fibre optic cable industry. Anil Pande has over 20 years of experience in the internet and fibre optic cable industry. He started his ...
In a career spanning over two decades, Satish Murthy has held key positions across several prominent communications and IT companies such as NEC Technologies, Cisco, Mphasis (formerly BFL Software) and ...
Sanjay Kumar Kalirona heads the mobile business division of Intex and has been with the company for over 15 years. Sanjay Kumar Kalirona heads the mobile business division of Intex and has been with ...
Sunil Kumar Makkena was part of the seed team of Cyient and has been instrumental in the growth story of the company, from a start-up in 1991 to a $447 million company today. Sunil Kumar Makkena ...
In an interview with, Raj Vaswani, co-founder and chief technology officer, Silver Spring Networks, explains how these solutions can help utilities in improving their performance and talks about ...
During the quarter ended June 2015, Telewings Communications, which operates under the Uninor brand, turned profitable at the operating level for the first time since it forayed into the Indian market ...
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