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AISHWARYA ₹5.22 ▲0.24 (4.82%)
AIRTEL ₹411.15 ▼8.60 (-2.05%)
DHANUS ₹0.09 ▲0.01 (12.50%)
FINCABLES ₹494.40 ▼7.20 (-1.44%)
GTL ₹16.93 ▲0.38 (2.30%)
GTLINFRA ₹6.04 ▼0.12 (-1.95%)
HCLTECH ₹903.00 ▲17.65 (1.99%)
HCL INFO ₹51.55 ▼1.60 (-3.01%)
HFCL ₹16.74 ▲0.46 (2.83%)
IDEA ₹91.90 ▼2.95 (-3.11%)
ITI ₹102.55 ▼1.05 (-1.01%)
KAVERITEL ₹10.95 ▼0.10 (-0.90%)
MTNL ₹21.00 ▼0.15 (-0.71%)
ONMOBILE ₹69.70 ▼0.45 (-0.64%)
RCOM ₹24.25 ▼0.20 (-0.82%)
SHYAM TEL ₹16.80 ▼0.85 (-4.82%)
SPANCO ₹3.12 0.00 (0.00%)
SPICE MOBILE ₹28.90 ▼1.50 (-4.93%)
STERLITE TECH ₹222.15 ▲15.40 (7.45%)
TANLA ₹36.75 ▼0.15 (-0.41%)
TATA COMM ₹655.85 ▼11.50 (-1.72%)
TTML ₹7.40 ▼0.11 (-1.46%)
TULIP ₹1.41 ▼0.12 (-7.84%)
VINDHYAT ₹950.05 ▲23.80 (2.57%)
XLTELENE ₹1.97 0.00 (0.00%)


Company ID [BOM:532975] Last trade:₹5.22 Trade time:3:30PM GMT+5:30 Value change:▲0.24 (4.82%)


Company ID [BOM:532454] Last trade:₹411.15 Trade time:3:44PM GMT+5:30 Value change:▼8.60 (-2.05%)


Company ID [BOM:532903] Last trade:₹0.09 Trade time:3:29PM GMT+5:30 Value change:▲0.01 (12.50%)


Company ID [BOM:500144] Last trade:₹494.40 Trade time:3:30PM GMT+5:30 Value change:▼7.20 (-1.44%)


Company ID [BOM:500160] Last trade:₹16.93 Trade time:3:44PM GMT+5:30 Value change:▲0.38 (2.30%)


Company ID [BOM:532775] Last trade:₹6.04 Trade time:3:30PM GMT+5:30 Value change:▼0.12 (-1.95%)


Company ID [BOM:532281] Last trade:₹903.00 Trade time:3:30PM GMT+5:30 Value change:▲17.65 (1.99%)


Company ID [BOM:500179] Last trade:₹51.55 Trade time:3:42PM GMT+5:30 Value change:▼1.60 (-3.01%)


Company ID [BOM:500183] Last trade:₹16.74 Trade time:3:55PM GMT+5:30 Value change:▲0.46 (2.83%)


Company ID [BOM:532822] Last trade:₹91.90 Trade time:3:54PM GMT+5:30 Value change:▼2.95 (-3.11%)


Company ID [BOM:523610] Last trade:₹102.55 Trade time:3:58PM GMT+5:30 Value change:▼1.05 (-1.01%)


Company ID [BOM:590041] Last trade:₹10.95 Trade time:3:30PM GMT+5:30 Value change:▼0.10 (-0.90%)


Company ID [NSE:MTNL] Last trade:₹21.00 Trade time:3:30PM GMT+5:30 Value change:▼0.15 (-0.71%)


Company ID [BOM:532944] Last trade:₹69.70 Trade time:3:55PM GMT+5:30 Value change:▼0.45 (-0.64%)


Company ID [BOM:532712] Last trade:₹24.25 Trade time:3:53PM GMT+5:30 Value change:▼0.20 (-0.82%)


Company ID [BOM:517411] Last trade:₹16.80 Trade time:3:30PM GMT+5:30 Value change:▼0.85 (-4.82%)


Company ID [BOM:508976] Last trade:₹3.12 Trade time:2:28PM GMT+5:30 Value change:0.00 (0.00%)


Company ID [BOM:517214] Last trade:₹28.90 Trade time:3:55PM GMT+5:30 Value change:▼1.50 (-4.93%)


Company ID [BOM:532374] Last trade:₹222.15 Trade time:3:58PM GMT+5:30 Value change:▲15.40 (7.45%)


Company ID [BOM:532790] Last trade:₹36.75 Trade time:3:46PM GMT+5:30 Value change:▼0.15 (-0.41%)


Company ID [BOM:500483] Last trade:₹655.85 Trade time:3:30PM GMT+5:30 Value change:▼11.50 (-1.72%)


Company ID [BOM:532371] Last trade:₹7.40 Trade time:3:53PM GMT+5:30 Value change:▼0.11 (-1.46%)


Company ID [BOM:532691] Last trade:₹1.41 Trade time:3:26PM GMT+5:30 Value change:▼0.12 (-7.84%)


Company ID [BOM:517015] Last trade:₹950.05 Trade time:3:46PM GMT+5:30 Value change:▲23.80 (2.57%)


Company ID [BOM:532788] Last trade:₹1.97 Trade time:3:30PM GMT+5:30 Value change:0.00 (0.00%)
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1. Interview with Leonid Musatov, CMO, MTS India
Face to Face - January 27, 2011
A new operator in the Indian telecom space, Sistema Shyam TeleServices Limited (SSTL), which offers services under the MTS brand, commercially launched operations in three more circles in 2010. Since its ...
Himanshu Kapania, deputy managing director, Idea Cellular, who is soon to take over from Sanjeev Aga as MD of the company, has his work cut out, given the stiff competition in the industry. Kapania discusses ...
In an interview with, Deepak Gulati, executive president, Mobility Business Division, Tata Teleservices Limited (TTSL) talks about the synergies between TTSL and NTT DOCOMO, the launch of 3G services ...
“BSNL has registered continuous growth in broadband” Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL) has had a tough year in terms of mobile and wireline growth. However, it did very well in the broadband ...
5. Technology Trends: Outlook for 2011
Trends and Developments - January 25, 2011
The last year of the decade has clearly been a landmark year for the Indian telecom sector. The last year of the decade has clearly been a landmark year for the Indian telecom sector. The government ...
After acquiring the African operations of Zain Telecom, Bharti Airtel spent the better part of the year putting processes in place and realigning tariffs in several markets to make services more affordable. ...
7. New range of high-end devices hit the market
Sales & Marketing - January 24, 2011
In October 2010, US-based PC manufacturer Dell joined hands with TATA DOCOMO and Qualcomm to launch the Dell Streak in India. The device, which combines the features of a smartphone and a tablet, is powered ...
8. An Eventful Year: Telecom highlights of 2010
Trends and Developments - January 21, 2011
The year 2010 was an eventful one for India’s booming telecom industry. The year 2010 was an eventful one for India’s booming telecom industry. More than 745 subscribers came under the mobile ...
9. Auction Action: Telecom operators gear up for 3G
Trends and Developments - January 21, 2011
The telecom sector continued its growth momentum in 2010. The overall subscriber base crossed 700 million and two more operators, Vodafone Essar and Reliance Communications (RCOM), joined the 100 million ...
10. On a Sticky Wicket: New players under scrutiny
Trends and Developments - January 21, 2011
The frenzy for telecom licences in 2007 has given way to anxiety among operators today. New entrants such as Uninor, Sistema Shyam TeleServices Limited (SSTL), S Tel, Videocon Telecommunications Limited ...
 The year saw many of the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India’s (TRAI) initiatives kicking off, including the auction and allocation of 3G and broadband wireless access (BWA) spectrum, increasing ...
12. Call of the Brand: Operators strike a new sales pitch
Sales & Marketing - January 21, 2011
In November 2010, amid much fanfare, the country’s leading telecom operator Bharti Airtel unveiled a new company logo and signature tune composed by music maestro A.R. Rahman.   In November 2010, ...
13. Change Management: Key movements in 2010
Company Wire - January 21, 2011
The year 2010 was marked by a series of events including the auction of 3G and BWA services, the rollout of services by operators, and global expansion by some. The year 2010 was marked by a series ...
In order to take on competition from rivals and enhance their market position, deploying state-of-the-art telecom infrastructure has been at the top of enterprises’ to-do list. In order to take ...
15. Handsets and services launched in December 2010
Sales & Marketing - January 04, 2011 rounds up the handsets and services launched in December 2010 Handsets The MCC Group has launched the Jumbo i9 and RS 8 handsets in India. Targeted at frequent travellers, the offerings ...
Cellular Subscribers Growth between November and December 2010 Circle Operator Nov-10 Dec-10 Absolute change % change Metros  ...
Unified Telecom Operators Subscriber base as on December 31, 2010 Operator/Circle Wireline Digital mobile Total Bharti Airtel Andhra Pradesh 124,100 ...
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