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AISHWARYA ₹5.22 ▲0.24 (4.82%)
AIRTEL ₹411.15 ▼8.60 (-2.05%)
DHANUS ₹0.09 ▲0.01 (12.50%)
FINCABLES ₹494.40 ▼7.20 (-1.44%)
GTL ₹16.93 ▲0.38 (2.30%)
GTLINFRA ₹6.04 ▼0.12 (-1.95%)
HCLTECH ₹903.00 ▲17.65 (1.99%)
HCL INFO ₹51.55 ▼1.60 (-3.01%)
HFCL ₹16.74 ▲0.46 (2.83%)
IDEA ₹91.90 ▼2.95 (-3.11%)
ITI ₹102.55 ▼1.05 (-1.01%)
KAVERITEL ₹10.95 ▼0.10 (-0.90%)
MTNL ₹21.00 ▼0.15 (-0.71%)
ONMOBILE ₹69.70 ▼0.45 (-0.64%)
RCOM ₹24.25 ▼0.20 (-0.82%)
SHYAM TEL ₹16.80 ▼0.85 (-4.82%)
SPANCO ₹3.12 0.00 (0.00%)
SPICE MOBILE ₹28.90 ▼1.50 (-4.93%)
STERLITE TECH ₹222.15 ▲15.40 (7.45%)
TANLA ₹36.75 ▼0.15 (-0.41%)
TATA COMM ₹655.85 ▼11.50 (-1.72%)
TTML ₹7.40 ▼0.11 (-1.46%)
TULIP ₹1.41 ▼0.12 (-7.84%)
VINDHYAT ₹950.05 ▲23.80 (2.57%)
XLTELENE ₹1.97 0.00 (0.00%)


Company ID [BOM:532975] Last trade:₹5.22 Trade time:3:30PM GMT+5:30 Value change:▲0.24 (4.82%)


Company ID [BOM:532454] Last trade:₹411.15 Trade time:3:44PM GMT+5:30 Value change:▼8.60 (-2.05%)


Company ID [BOM:532903] Last trade:₹0.09 Trade time:3:29PM GMT+5:30 Value change:▲0.01 (12.50%)


Company ID [BOM:500144] Last trade:₹494.40 Trade time:3:30PM GMT+5:30 Value change:▼7.20 (-1.44%)


Company ID [BOM:500160] Last trade:₹16.93 Trade time:3:44PM GMT+5:30 Value change:▲0.38 (2.30%)


Company ID [BOM:532775] Last trade:₹6.04 Trade time:3:30PM GMT+5:30 Value change:▼0.12 (-1.95%)


Company ID [BOM:532281] Last trade:₹903.00 Trade time:3:30PM GMT+5:30 Value change:▲17.65 (1.99%)


Company ID [BOM:500179] Last trade:₹51.55 Trade time:3:42PM GMT+5:30 Value change:▼1.60 (-3.01%)


Company ID [BOM:500183] Last trade:₹16.74 Trade time:3:55PM GMT+5:30 Value change:▲0.46 (2.83%)


Company ID [BOM:532822] Last trade:₹91.90 Trade time:3:54PM GMT+5:30 Value change:▼2.95 (-3.11%)


Company ID [BOM:523610] Last trade:₹102.55 Trade time:3:58PM GMT+5:30 Value change:▼1.05 (-1.01%)


Company ID [BOM:590041] Last trade:₹10.95 Trade time:3:30PM GMT+5:30 Value change:▼0.10 (-0.90%)


Company ID [NSE:MTNL] Last trade:₹21.00 Trade time:3:30PM GMT+5:30 Value change:▼0.15 (-0.71%)


Company ID [BOM:532944] Last trade:₹69.70 Trade time:3:55PM GMT+5:30 Value change:▼0.45 (-0.64%)


Company ID [BOM:532712] Last trade:₹24.25 Trade time:3:53PM GMT+5:30 Value change:▼0.20 (-0.82%)


Company ID [BOM:517411] Last trade:₹16.80 Trade time:3:30PM GMT+5:30 Value change:▼0.85 (-4.82%)


Company ID [BOM:508976] Last trade:₹3.12 Trade time:2:28PM GMT+5:30 Value change:0.00 (0.00%)


Company ID [BOM:517214] Last trade:₹28.90 Trade time:3:55PM GMT+5:30 Value change:▼1.50 (-4.93%)


Company ID [BOM:532374] Last trade:₹222.15 Trade time:3:58PM GMT+5:30 Value change:▲15.40 (7.45%)


Company ID [BOM:532790] Last trade:₹36.75 Trade time:3:46PM GMT+5:30 Value change:▼0.15 (-0.41%)


Company ID [BOM:500483] Last trade:₹655.85 Trade time:3:30PM GMT+5:30 Value change:▼11.50 (-1.72%)


Company ID [BOM:532371] Last trade:₹7.40 Trade time:3:53PM GMT+5:30 Value change:▼0.11 (-1.46%)


Company ID [BOM:532691] Last trade:₹1.41 Trade time:3:26PM GMT+5:30 Value change:▼0.12 (-7.84%)


Company ID [BOM:517015] Last trade:₹950.05 Trade time:3:46PM GMT+5:30 Value change:▲23.80 (2.57%)


Company ID [BOM:532788] Last trade:₹1.97 Trade time:3:30PM GMT+5:30 Value change:0.00 (0.00%)
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Naveen Paul believes that tackling the everyday tasks that come with a marketing job is like flying an airplane. Naveen Paul believes that tackling the everyday tasks that come with a marketing ...
Sharad Arora, chief officer, wireless solutions, mobility with Tata Teleservices Limited (TTSL) has had a fairly diverse career graph. Sharad Arora, chief officer, wireless solutions, mobility with ...
Satish Kumar Kannan believes that working in a sales-centric  function has tremendously honed his people management skills over the years. Satish Kumar Kannan believes that working in a sales-centric  ...
Sharing resources in a capital-intensive industry maximises the value to all stakeholders. We have seen this value being derived recently by the new licensees, who were able to roll out their networks ...
Operators face an increasingly competitive business environment as the dominant source of ARPU shifts from traditional circuit switched voice and data to a diverse set of packet data services. Operators ...
The sophistication of smartphones and netbooks coupled with the explosion of person-to-person, video and gaming applications that ride on these devices presents a major challenge for telecom companies, ...
7. Global Trends: Market consolidation continues
OSS/ BSS - December 15, 2010
As the world economy comes out of the deep economic recession, the telecom sector, which had bucked the downward trend and shown strong resilience even during the recession, is back on a strong growth ...
8. VMC upgrades its telecom infrastructure
Manufacturing - December 15, 2010
Vuppalamritha Magnetic Components (VMC), which commenced operations in 2002, provides a broad range of telecom equipment and accessories. Vuppalamritha Magnetic Components (VMC), which commenced ...
Moser Baer India Limited (MBIL) engages in the manufacture and sale of optical storage media in India and abroad. Moser Baer India Limited (MBIL) engages in the manufacture and sale of optical storage ...
10. 2G spectrum scam: continuing controversy
Trends and Developments - December 15, 2010
Andimuthu Raja’s ignominious ouster as minister for communications and IT last month has stirred up a hornets’ nest. Andimuthu Raja’s ignominious ouster as minister for communications and IT last ...
11. Qualcomm India: Bringing LTE-TDD to India
Company Stories - December 15, 2010
This November, US-based chipmaker Qualcomm demonstrated long term evolution-time division duplex (LTE-TDD) mobility with seamless hand-off in India, in partnership with the Swedish equipment maker Ericsson. ...
With about 6 million broadband subscribers as of June 2010 and a 61.45 per cent market share, Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL) is the country’s largest internet and broadband operator. With about ...
13. TRAI sets stringent rules for telemarketers
Trends and Developments - December 15, 2010
The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) has released a set of stringent regulations to curb unsolicited telemarketing calls and text messages, which will be effective from January 1, 2011.  ...
14. John Samuel, President, India Verizon Business
Face to Face - December 15, 2010
"India offers a great business opportunity" Catering to large enterprises, Verizon’s product portfolio includes security and IT solutions, and professional consulting services. In the few years of ...
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