ICEA requests the government to reconsider suspension of import permits of 10 tech companies

News , April 12, 2019

The Indian Cellular and Electronic Association (ICEA) is in conversation with the government to resolve the issue surrounding the withholding back of various electronic products of its member tech companies at the customs.


The Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB) had suspended the import permits of around 10 tech companies for not complying with e-waste rules. This includes Apple, Samsung, Vivo, HP as well as Motorola. As a result, premium smartphones and electronic merchandise worth around Rs 50 billion are stranded with customs.

The ICEA has now written to the government, requesting a reconsideration of the suspension of the import permits of these companies.

According to the tech companies, the CPCB’s decision to revoke their import permits is disproportionate to the rule violations. Further, they pointed out that they have exceeded their targets for collection of e-wastes and have faulted only on minor compliance issues such as not seeking prior approval from authorities concerned before shutting down and opening a centre, and not raising awareness at their centres.



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