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Shampa Bahadur

October 16, 2013
Rational spectrum pricing is the biggest motivation for operator participation in spectrum auctions

It took two unsuccessful auctions and huge notional revenue losses for the government to realise that rational spectrum pricing is the biggest motivation for operator participation.


December 31, 2012
Mobile users may have to wait a little longer to access the benefits of free nationwide roaming

Minister for communications and IT KapilSibal has affirmed that mobile users will not have to pay any roaming charges from 2013. The government had, in May this year, announced the “one nation, one licence” regime as part of the National Telecom Policy, 2012. The aim of the policy is to abolish roaming charges and allow mobile subscribers to use the same number across the country without having to pay any extra charges. Free roaming within the country is a norm worldwide, in countries such as the US, Canada, France,...

July 18, 2012
OFC network deployment will gain momentum

Having made large investments in acquiring 3G and broadband wireless access spectrum in 2010, operators have reduced their spending in the past few years, especially on new network roll-outs. Also, the 2G spectrum controversy has led to holding back of investments in the sector.


June 22, 2012
Going green has become a compelling necessity for the telecom space
Countries across the world are implementing action plans and setting carbon emission targets to address the challenge of climate change. India, too is taking baby steps in this direction. The telecom industry alone accounts for about 1 per cent of the country's total CO2 emissions. As against this, the global infromation and communication technology  industry's share in total CO2 emissions is 0.7 per cent.  Going green, therefore, has become an immediate and compelling necessity for telecom operators, vendors and tower...

August 02, 2011

June 29, 2011

May 24, 2011

March 31, 2011
Revising rural broadband schemes may be a good idea

The broadband segment has been on the government’s radar for some time now. After several failed targets, DoT plans to invite bids from operators to provide broadband services to over 60,000 villages across the country. DoT is likely to come out with a tender for rural wireless broadband through the Universal Service Obligation (USO) Fund by end-March 2011.


March 03, 2011

January 04, 2011
The industry needs to move on
The series of controversies associated with the 2G spectrum scam is all the news that is seen, heard or read these days. The media outrage and analysts’ comments go to show that all is not well with the politics-business nexus.Naturally, the telecom sector is hugely impacted, not so much in terms of growth but in terms of losing face. The continuing duel between the two technology camps is only vitiating the already uncertain regulatory environment of the telecom industry. “The need is for growth in the sector, not politics....

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